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At Minaxi we offer a range of Aesthetic services from Permanent Makeup to Scalp Micropigmentation & Medical tattooing. Whether its enhancing your existing beauty or restoring your confidence, we have you covered!

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"Beauty is good for the soul"

Beauty is a means of empowering yourself.

Permanent makeup isn’t about changing how you look; it is about enhancing your natural features and igniting a confidence within. If you want to wake up with perfectly applied eyeliner, eyebrows or lips each day, Minaxi is here to help.

We Deliver Amazing Natural PMU & SMP Results!

Qualified Professional

Minaxi holds all the relevant and necessary qualifications to carry out your permanent makeup treatments.


Sital has years of experience within the beauty industry and permanent makeup. Minaxi is the most sought-after PMU clinic in Toronto.

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We always put our clients first and our main focus here at Minaxi is that each client leaves confident and happy with their treatment.

Services We Offer

At Minaxi we offer a variety of cosmetic tattooing services. Our aim is to enhance your natural beauty and not change your appearance. Permanent makeup, scalp micropigmentation and scar camouflage are all treatments to help you restore your confidence.

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