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Combination Brows

Experience the blend of two distinct permanent makeup methods: blading and powder brows. This procedure, popular among our clientele, can also be paired with Nano brows. It’s the perfect solution for those with sparse to no eyebrow hair or for those desiring a more defined brow arch.

Powder Eyebrows

For those leaning towards a fuller brow but still craving that soft texture, the powdered technique is your go-to. This method replicates the look of traditional brow makeup, be it a pencil or shadow, making it a favorite in our region.

Ombre eyebrows

Once healed, ombre eyebrows resemble powdered eyebrows that start lighter at the front and gradually darken towards the tail. The final look is a defined yet soft and powdery appearance. Notably, the Powdered Ombre fades about 35% from its initial look. Sital, a renowned artist in the area, can craft an Ombre brow using either the Microblading technique or powder brows. Schedule a consultation for more details.

Scar Coverage

Have gaps in your brows due to scars? Sital can mix pigments to match your existing brow hair and tattoo hairstrokes into the needed areas, offering a seamless look.

Men’s Brows

More men are exploring permanent cosmetic brow treatments. Men’s brows differ from women’s and demand unique pigments and techniques. It’s a specialized technique, and only seasoned artists should undertake it.


Alopecia, an autoimmune disorder causing hair loss, affects many in our community. It can lead to partial or total body hair loss, often resulting in absent eyebrows and scant eyelashes. This not only poses a physical challenge but also a psychological one.
Thanks to realistic hair-stroke simulation, permanent eyebrows can replace the daily routine of penciling in artificial-looking eyebrows. Many describe permanent eyebrow makeup as life-changing. Moreover, the absence of eyelashes can be camouflaged with permanent eyeliner or lash enhancement, offering a complete solution for those affected.

At Minaxi, we do NOT shave your existing Eyebrows, instead, we incorporate your existing eyebrow hair and with our artistry skills we will create new beautiful eyebrows for you.
***Pigment retention depends on skin type, age, aftercare, sun exposure, use of certain skin products, pigments used, immune system, medications and other factors. Touch ups are recommended once a year to prevent natural fading.*

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