Scalp Micropigmentation in Toronto

SMP treats a variety of hair loss issues!

Scalp Micropigmentation, commonly known as SMP, is a cutting-edge form of cosmetic tattooing that creates the illusion of a fully shaved head. Using a single needle, SMP meticulously replicates individual hair follicles.

Say goodbye to the confidence-knocking effects of receding hairlines, lack of density, old scars, and alopecia. With Scalp Micropigmentation in Toronto, both men and women can embrace a natural and effective solution to hair loss.

Our delicate technique involves applying pigment to the scalp, mimicking the appearance of a neatly shaved head. It’s the fastest-growing solution for hair loss, offering natural-looking results with no downtime.

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All Forms Of Hair Loss Covered with SMP (Hair Tattoo)!


Restore a completely new hairline and take back your youthful appearance with scalp micropigmentation in Toronto. SMP can mimic individual hair follicles recreating the appearance of a shaved head.


If you feel like you having thinning hair, then scalp micropigmentation is the perfect treatment for you. By adding the pigment to your scalp we can create the illusion of thicker and fuller hair.


Scarring can occur for many reasons, trauma to the scalp, surgery, or the aftermath of a hair transplant. With SMP, we can blend the pigment in with the existing hair leaving the scar completely undetectable.


Losing your hair is hard enough but losing it to alopecia means it can sometimes happen overnight. Scalp micropigmentation in Toronto can help heal some of the trauma experienced from hair loss.

We Deliver Amazing Natural Results!

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